JetSet Vets

pet care with no boundaries...

JetSetVets is the first private jet Veterinary Pet Service to include in-flight medical care for pets. The company was created by New York City and Hamptons based celebrity house call veterinarian, Dr. Cindy Bressler, after being commissioned for years by her clients to travel with them and their sick pets. 

JetSetVets works with private jet companies in luxury air travel, is a pet friendly airline and has transported many dogs and cats around the world. The growing demand from clients for more intricate pet services (whether in-flight or travel-related) led to the development of JetSetVets. Many clients experience medical issues with their pets while traveling with them and need veterinary care.

JetSetVets will provide in-flight medical care, assistance with preparation of pets’ travel documents, and work with veterinary hospitals on a global basis to ensure seamless transport and transition of care. They have developed emergency medical protocols for dogs and cats on private jets and have nurses trained in pet CPR.

JetSetVets will donate proceeds of flights booked with Blue Star Jets to animal charities worldwide.